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Originally published May 11, 2019


Happy Mother's Day! 

I’d like to introduce you guys to Mama Bee, my mama! Now, if you think I’m a bit crazy in letting my world revolve around my animals, I got nothing on this woman. And let’s just say, I learned from the best.

And as a Mother's Day gift to all, there may be a discount code at the bottom of the blog! ❣️

My Mama with my children. Love this photo! 

Adopting Katie Lady

Most people are surprised to learn that my family didn’t have a dog until I had just turned 13. My parents like to say, I finally wore them down by that time. They both liked animals, but were very scared of the commitment. My mom knew she would love wholeheartedly, and would be entirely dedicated to being the best owner. That meant a significant life change for our family of four, who had many commitments and often was not home. But when my dad spotted Katie on C.A.R.E.’s list of adoptables, it was game-over. We adopted her, and joyously adjusted our lives.

Katie Lady Beedersnout

 Katie Lady in 2006

My mom took Katie for three, 1-mile walks each day for almost the entirety of Katie’s 16 years with us. The regular walking led my mom to become friends with other dog owners in the neighborhood, and form the cutest group of friends. (Don’t you love how our pets bring people together?)

There are so many parts of pet ownership that I could talk about, but I need to keep this short, right? Let's just say - My mom served as a wonderful model for how one should care for a living creature, and I know this has greatly influenced the loving pet parent and educator I aspire to be today. 

Mama the Volunteer 

Katie also inspired my mom to volunteer at the shelter from which we adopted her. Back then my mom’s involvement was limited; these days she and my dad have turned into fixtures at the animal care center!

Now, my mom spends multiple days a week at the new C.A.R.E. center walking dogs, doing laundry, helping out at the bi-weekly pet pantry, and many other miscellaneous items. She has spent the past few months working tirelessly to solicit donations and prepare the goody bags for the Strut for Strays, something she has been doing since 1998, the year after we adopted Katie! Today she woke up at 5am to be on-site by 6am for the big event, and when she came home, she had brought all the water bowls from the route for washing. 

Another Pet Project? ME! 

Okay, I’m human. But being my mom probably isn’t the simplest task. And my mom (dad, and sister) are all the best at taking care of me. My effort to start a business started well before I opened Brindle Market in 2016, and my mom has been a loyal supporter throughout that journey. One sore spot? My logo.

Super Hooper

You may not know this, but my Super Pitbull design is modeled after my brother dog, Hooper. I love that the super series is a silhouette, and that customers look at the image and can see THEIR pet in the image, so I don’t often show pics of the inspiration image. I want you to look at the design and see your baby! And in the case of Super Pitbull, my mom actually does see her baby: Hooper! (The rhyming factor is just a bonus!)


Hooper Fido Brutus 

So imagine her disappointment when I decided to make “that chihuahua” my logo. 

Good grief. I hear it all the time, I’m telling ya. It is very upsetting for Mama Bee that Super Pitbull is not my logo. I explained to her that Superdog (aka chihuahua) came out first, and that I like that the design ratio is closer to 1:1. But I’m fighting a losing battle. Apparently, I have betrayed Mama Bee, my brother, and all pitbull-like dogs. 

Sorry, Mama. I promise I love you and Hooper. 😘 Next time I start a business, I will consult you before finalizing my logo. 

P.S. Did ya skim? Here is the important part...

In celebration of my Mama, use code Hooper for 25% off all Super Pitbull designs, now through May 18. 

Happy Mother’s Day! 

Super Pitbull

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