If your pet could send a Valentine...

What would our pets' Valentine's messages say if they could send them? šŸ’—

Here's what we're thinking....

Brindle Market Valentine, To Tucky from Meeka
Well, it's true.
Brindle Market Valentine To Sadie from Tucky
So true. The boy loves his sister and grooms her face every chance he gets... whether she wants him to or not!
Brindle Market Valentine to Mochi from Sadie
Mochi is one of Sadie's only "friends" because I'm friends with Mochi's mama! But they moved away and we miss them a ton. "Friends" in quotes because... Sadie doesn't really care about any other dogs. šŸ¤·šŸ»ā€ā™€ļø

UPDATE: We have a response from Mochi šŸ˜†:Ā 
I miss growling and not letting you sniff my butt but thinking it's okay for me to sniff yours and your kitty siblings cuz double standards don't exist in my world. love, mochi

I hope everyone enjoyed these Valentine's messages! We love all animals over here at Brindle Market. Rescue your next best friend. Save a life, adopt. Dog Rescue. Cat Rescue. All that wonderful jazz.
ā¤ļø ā¤ļø ā¤ļø

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