Lost and Found: Jackson

What do you do when you find a puppy? Here's what happened when we found Jackson. 


At the beginning of May, a friend found a small puppy and called me, “What should we do?!” I connected her right away with my friend Ashley, foster mama extraordinaire. ⠀

Jackson arrived covered in flea dirt and urine scalded. He was pale and sick.  Every Pet's Dream, a non-profit dog rescue in Santa Clara, quickly agreed to be his sponsoring rescue. They got him to the vet. His blood levels were pretty bad, likely due to hookworms. He ended up needing two blood transfusions among other vet care.⠀ ⠀

Jackson’s vet bills amounted quickly in cost! His rescue team didn’t hesitate to get him the care he needed! After multiple weeks in foster care, Jackson moved to his foster-to-adopt home where he continues to grow stronger every day! 


Megan from Every Pet's Dream

What should you do if YOU find a lost pet?

If you find an animal, please contact your local animal care center. They'll scan for microchip and contact the owner. If no microchip is found, the animal is put in a "Stray Hold" before eligible for adoption. Policies vary.

I know a lot of people hesitate to take lost animals to the shelter — I understand that instinctual need to help find an animal a home and keep it safe.

Here's the great news.

  1. Your local animal center and rescues are ready to help and have the right resources in place.
  2. We're ready to support them, and you can help!

 Jackson Tank

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