Let's throw it wayyyyyy back!

Let's throw it wayyyyyy back and talk about this CARE logo!

Care Logo Brindle Market History Cathy and Bella

Mike Tallman and I worked together at the University of Iowa Student Union Marketing + Design Department. After graduation, I was back at home where my family volunteered at the local animal shelter; I got the idea to ask them if they'd like a refreshed logo! Mike designed the new logo, and the dog featured was inspired by my beloved dog, Bella. 🌈 Here's one of my favorite pics of my sweet Bella, Aka BellyButt 😆!

Brindle Market History Bella Angel

In September 2008, we got to see the NEW logo come alive for the first time on a tee! (Which was 8 YEARS before Brindle Market came to life…see, I’ve been in the t-shirt game for a long time!)⁠⁠

Care Logo Brindle Market History Cathy

To this day, our friends at CARE still use the re-designed logo for their rescue (though you’ll notice the graphic has been flipped since then.)⁠⁠
If you want to grab a piece of this Brindle Market history, you can get the latest Brindle Market x CARE right here and help save animal lives!⁠⁠ ⬇️​

Care Hoodie by Brindle Market
CARE Hat by Brindle Market
Adopt CARE by Brindle Market

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