Size Inclusivity

When selecting apparel for Brindle Market designs, I take a lot of factors into consideration. One of the leading factors is the size and shape of the clothing, as I want the fit to leave my customers feeling amazing in their new clothes.

As a tween, I “developed” early and went right past the juniors section to the women’s department. I seemingly bypassed the trendy clothes my friends were wearing.  The era of spaghetti straps was a challenge for those of us wearing two-inch thick bra straps.

Cathy Age 14 and Katie
Here I am at Age 14 -- as you can see -- full size human! Also pictured, my beloved first rescue, Katie! 
Cathy Age 16 and Tessa
And then at 16 -- no spaghetti strap tank tops for me!  Not with my body and bra size. Why did I want to wear those so badly?! I thought those who could wear them had the ideal body. Pictured here with me, my cousin's lovely Tessa, a samoyed rescue.

While styles have changed since the late 90s, women’s apparel continues often not to meet the needs of women’s bodies. It’s easy to interpret sizing and fit as an appraisal of our bodies and worth. If the popular apparel line doesn’t carry my size or design clothes for my shape, what does that say about me? 

Paw Print | Brindle Market

As a Brindle Market customer, I want you to feel comfortable and beautiful every time you put on our designs. 

  • I keep size inclusivity in mind when I select apparel for our designs. Most of our unisex shirts come in XS through 4XL. 
  • Many designs also come in more than one style. Whether you prefer fitted or slouchy, you can choose the fit that will look amazing on you. 
  • And, because terms like “relaxed” may be subjective, I always list measurements on the website. You can feel confident your purchase will be a new favorite. 


For example, the Cats & Dogs design is available in two styles ranging in sizes XS-3X. 

I hope you feel not only comfortable, but beautiful in your Brindle Market clothes!

When you wear Brindle Market, know you are supporting a small business started by an animal lover, just like you.


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