Size Inclusivity

When selecting apparel for Brindle Market designs, I take a lot of factors into consideration. One of the leading factors is the size and shape of the clothing, as I want the fit to leave my customers feeling amazing in their new clothes.

Growing up, I had trouble fitting into the trendy clothes my friends were wearing. At first it was because I was in the 75th percentile, then it was because I “developed” early and well, very well. 

I went right past the juniors section to the women’s department. This did not fare well for my sensitive self esteem. I thought of myself as chubby and fat, even ugly, all because I couldn’t fit in a one-size Michale Star shirt. It’s not easy growing up in the era of spaghetti straps when you’re wearing two-inch thick bra straps. 

Cathy Age 14 and Katie
Here I am at Age 14 -- as you can see -- full size human! Also pictured, my beloved first rescue, Katie! 
Cathy Age 16 and Tessa
And then at 16 -- no spaghetti strap tank tops for me!  Not with my body and bra size. Why did I want to wear those so badly?! I thought those who could wear them had the ideal body. Pictured here with me, my cousin's lovely Tessa, a samoyed rescue.

While it does get a lot easier out of high school, standard women’s shirts aren’t exactly reflective of standard women. If I consistently wear the largest size available, or don’t fit into the style at all, what is that saying about the me? 

Eventually, I learned it didn’t mean anything about me. It just meant that the apparel line sucked. 


When selecting garments for Brindle Market, I look to diversify the style so it accommodates a variety of body types, while appealing to my customers’ sense of fashion. Many of my women’s styles are on the slouchy, relaxed side. But that’s subjective, right? So I always list the measurements on the website, so customers can check the fit against their favorite apparel.

Adopt Long Sleeve Brindle Market

This is a past design that is no longer available -- I couldn't fit in this style, which really bummed me out. But, it fit a lot of people, and sold out quickly! I learned: just because it didn't work for me, didn't mean it didn't work for others.  

When picking unisex shirts, I select options XS through 4XL, if possible. People come in all shapes and sizes. I struggled because I was a bit larger, but I have also had my friends remind me that not everyone wants a big baggy shirt. In the last couple years, I’ve started carrying more unisex XS and some fitted styles.


For example, the new Cats & Dogs design is available in two styles ranging in sizes XS-3X. 

I take a lot of other factors into consideration, but it is important to me that Brindle Market customers know that size inclusivity is a goal of mine. As a super small business I can’t accommodate every size need, but I’m always trying! I hope you feel not only comfortable, but beautiful in your Brindle Market clothes.

When you wear Brindle Market, know you are supporting a small business started by an animal lover, just like you. 

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