Some Updates from The 'Gram!

There's no denying it -- Things happen a bit more quickly on social media. Here are a few of our favorite updates from the past month! 

Have you seen our ✨Love Collection✨ yet?⁠⠀

Just in time for Valentine's orders, our newest collection celebrates the LOVE of pets! We love cats, dogs and ALL living things, so there is no better way to say that than with a tee (or hoodie or mug 😉 ) that gives back!⁠⠀


Brindle Market's Love Tee supporting Animal Rescue Brindle Market's Love Mug Supporting Animal Rescue

Also available in a Crop Hoodie... which happens to be my favorite...

Brindle Market Favorites 

We're allowed to pick favorites, right? 👀⁠

You may not know this, but our Super Pitbull is a silhouette of my mom's dog, Hooper. Of course, she was a little bit sad when a chihuahua silhouette was chosen as the official Brindle Market logo, but we pay homage to sweet Hooper on all of our Super Pit gear!⁠

For me (aka Cathy), I love getting in all the new samples and when they DO come in , they're my new favorites! So if you haven't checked out the new Love gear, it's super cute and perfect to get for Valentine's Day!⁠

Brindle Market Favorites - 1st Edition - Animal Rescue

Sadie (aka my pup!) is all about the rescue life, so of course she LOVES our classic Adopt thermal (plus, it's super cozy for snuggles!)⁠

Tucky is the star of the show on our Super Cat gear, so he loves anything featuring his silhouette, of course!⁠

Last but not least, my sweet Meeka (my fluffy black cat) is a total homebody, so she loves our Meow Sweet Meow sign!⁠

If you've shopped with us, what's your favorite item? If you haven't what have you been eyeballing lately? 

Last but definitely not least... MYSTERY PACKS ARE HERE! 

If you've been hoping to get your hands on some Brindle Market gear, but could never *quite* decide what to get for yourself, let us do the deciding for you (and get one heck of a deal, too!) ⁠⠀

Brindle Market's Mystery Packs are Here

Here's what you can get in a mystery pack: (1) hoodie or (1) Long Sleeve tees, PLUS one short sleeve tee, stickers, and a reusable tote bag ✨🐶😍😻⁠⠀
All for just $40! (The items included would typically be $76+!)⁠⠀
This is a great way to support this small biz AND animals without breaking the bank!⁠ Check out our Mystery Packs!

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