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  • How walking my dog helped me learn to love myself

    Something happened recently. I started liking myself. Maybe even love. And I think I may owe it first to my chronic illness, and then to my dog. Is it any surprise that my dog factors into the equation?
  • I learned from The Best

    I’d like to introduce you guys to Mama Bee, my mama! Now, if you think I’m a bit crazy in letting my world revolve around my animals, I got nothing on this woman. And let’s just say, I learned from the best. And as a Mother's Day gift to all, there may be a discount code at the bottom of the blog...
  • Rescue Story: Meeka

    Meeka the Cat was rescued from the roof. Not on top of the roof. She was literally in the roof. Eventually she made it into my home. Here is her rescue story.
  • 3 Beast of the Bay Nominations!

    Brindle Market is nominated in three categories for Bay Woof's Beast of the Bay! Best Overall Website for Dog Lovers, Best Online Dog Boutique, and Best Locally Made Dog Stuff. You can vote now through June 15!