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Brindle Market Thanksgiving
-- A love letter to my customers--

Do you ever reflect on where you met your favorite people? Likely some are family, and some are friends from school or work. In my case, many are my friends because of my pets and love of animals.  

Brindle Market was born out of my love for animal rescue. Since starting almost two years ago, I have made so many new friends! 

People stop because they see a design that resonates with them.
I love animals, too! I think my friend would love this! Want to see a pic of my dog?

Customers come back because they love our designs and love a small business that prioritizes giving back.
This purchase also supports animal rescue? I love that! Do you want to see a pic of my bunny? 
And, customers become friends.
I love your work! Do you want to collaborate? How can I become involved in animal rescue? When is your next event? Do you ever need help? I love supporting small businesses. Do you want to see a pic of my cat? 

Animals bring us together. Thank you for sharing this love with me and supporting Brindle Market. I love what I do, and I love my amazing customers.
Cathy & Team Brindle Market

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