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Thoughts on Breed Specific Legislation (BSL)

We’ve had it with Breed Specific Legislation (BSL).

We were inspired to create this simple design, representing the heartache of BSL and the healing opportunities that can come from education and love. 

BSL is nothing new; All over the world, there are governments that prohibit their citizens from owning dogs deemed dangerous. The laws are based upon the breed and appearance of the animal, rather than individual behavior assessments.

The most recent high profile cases are from UK, specifically Save Hank, out of Northern Ireland. On July 14, 2016, Hank was seized from his loving home based upon his appearance. His family posted his story online, and it went viral. The government’s assessment of Hank determined him not to be a threat, so he was granted an exception to the rule, provided his owners enforce mandated safety measures.

BSL is a very real problem in the United States, as well. You can read ASPCA’s summary and official statement at…/dog-fight…/breed-specific-legislation

For a US state-by-state list of BSL as well as other resources, visit

Hank’s story has a happy ending, but this is rare. Hank’s dedicated family and friends have vowed to continue the fight against BSL. On August 14, they are hosting an “End BSL Rally,” with the message, "We can and must end Breed Specific Legislation. Hank has been spared but so many more still face death. Please come and join us in demanding a change.”

We cannot agree more.

Wear a Brindle Market STOP BSL shirt to show your support for Hank and the many dogs affected by BSL.

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