Top 10 Gotcha Day Gifts For Humans (& Their Pets Too!)

If you know, you know. Walking into the shelter, your eyes meet, and you know right away that they're the ONE. From that first sloppy wet dog kiss or rusty cat purr, you don’t remember how you lived without them, and you wish you’d called the rescue or stopped by their facility sooner. 

No matter how much time goes by, you’ll never forget that Gotcha Day. The day you adopted your new best friend and let them into your heart and your life. You didn’t just change your life, you changed your pets too. By adopting, you gave them a second chance at the life they deserved and freed up space to give another animal a chance at a new life. 

Between 6-8 million animals a year will end up in a shelter or with a rescue. What is truly heartbreaking is that only half of these animals will be adopted. Numbers like this make it very tempting to run out and adopt every animal at the shelter. That’s probably not realistic, but just by rescuing one animal, you’ve made a huge difference.

Kitty in Shelter

So why not commemorate your pet’s Gotcha Day with a little treat for yourself? Not only have you changed an animal’s life by choosing adoption, but by making a purchase at Brindle Market, you’re helping more rescued animals. 10% of net proceeds from Brindle Market are donated to animal rescue. That’s a great reason to splurge on two things or even send a gift to a friend who is celebrating a Gotcha Day with their furry pal. 


10 Gotcha Day Gifts For Humans

1) Colorful Super-Pets Mug
This sturdy and colorful mug is perfect for sipping hot chocolate while surrounded by your pets. Featuring the Brindle Market Super-Pets (a dog, cat, and pitbull), this is destined to be your new favorite mug. This design is also available in a camper-style mug so that you can bring it along for your outdoor adventures!

2) Every Pet’s Dream Tee
This comfy tee has a wonderful message, and 100% of the proceeds will be donated to Every Pet's Dream. This non-profit foster-based rescue group focuses on saving animals that are going to be euthanized.

3) Meow Sweet Meow Home Decor
If you’re a proud cat mom or dad, then own it with this adorable wooden sign. Laser etched and biodegradable, it’s the purrfect way to display that your house is run by a cat that really just lets you keep living there.

4) Colorful Superdog Unisex Tank
Step out in style in this brightly colored Brindle Market logo tank top. With a superdog tank top, available in a unisex style as well as a women’s cut, is perfect for every animal lover. When people ask you where you got it, don’t be afraid to remind them to adopt, don’t shop.

5) Comfy Pet Tag Fleece Sweatshirt
If you prefer something a little more low-key, gift yourself this Brindle Market fleece jacket. With a subtle pet tag design and white piping on the collar, you’ll be looking sharp when you take your pup out for a walk on a chilly fall evening.

6) Sip Snuggle Mug
Celebrate your pet every time you enjoy your hot morning (or afternoon) beverage in this ceramic mug. It’s microwave and dishwasher safe and perfect for sipping from with a cat or dog snuggled in your lap.

7) Adorable CARE Beanie
From the cute design to the pompom on top, this beanie is sure to become a well-loved staple in your wardrobe. You’ll love it even more once you find out 100% of the proceeds go to Community Animal Rescue Effort (C.A.R.E.™) located in Chicago’s North Shore.

8) Cats & Dogs Tee
This soft top comes in several soft heathered colors and is perfect for the pet lover that doesn’t want to go too over the top. With dogs and cats printed in a circular pattern in a subtle font, you can add a really cute minimal animal shirt to your wardrobe.

9) Rescue Kitty Long Sleeve Tee
If you have a rescue kitty, show your love with this comfy long-sleeved t-shirt. Featuring a sleeping cat and a cute poem, this will be your new favorite shirt on those chilly days.

10) The Dancing Cat Tee
Support cat rescue with this t-shirt that features the charming Dancing Cat logo. 100% of the proceeds from this shirt go to the Dancing Cat rescue located in the Bay Area. Available in both unisex tee and as a hoodie, you can spread awareness of the Dancing Cat’s efforts and look darn good doing it.

Gotcha Day Gifts For Your Pet

But of course, you’ll want to get your pet a little something on their Gotcha Day!

Check out these adorable gift ideas from some amazing small businesses who also give back to the rescue community.

You and your pet can cuddle up under one of our Super Sherpa Fleece blankets. Remember, 10% of our net proceeds go to animal rescue!


Catnip Mat
Give your cat the best seat in the house with this catnip-infused mat. Janery also produces dog beds and gifts for humans. Not only do they use only ethical factories in the United States as part of a commitment to fair trade, but 5% of the sales from Janery are also donated to RAL, the Richmond Animal League!

Southpaw Dog Collar
SouthpawDog accessories are nothing short of stunning! Grab your dog a new beautiful, handmade collar. And of course, a portion of their proceeds are donated to their local Humane Society.

Doggy Macarons
Gotcha Day is their special day, so treat your dog to a French-inspired, dog-safe Macaron from Bonne et Filou. As they grow as a company Bonne et Filou is incorporating giving back into their business model. Not only did they use 10% of their sales to place foster dogs in homes during the Coronavirus pandemic, they have also announced they will be forming a partnership with Nana’s Haven. This group works to save dogs from the meat trade and high kill shelters.

Whatever you choose, you can't go wrong with a little Gotcha Day celebration and gift. After all, our pets are more than just pets; they're family! 


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