Where does the Money Go?

Do you every wonder, "where does the money go?" when I tell you we donate 10% of proceeds back to animal rescue?

Here is a one example with some tangible benefits! Last November on Giving Tuesday, we were able to make a $125 donation to The Dancing Cat 😍

In just one week of sweatshirt PURRRchases, we were able to make a difference for some of the cats in need from our community!

The Dancing Cat Sweatshirt from Brindle Market

The Dancing Cat San Jose's website gives us this great understanding of how our donation directly helps the animals:

  • $100 covers the basic cost of intake for a cat into our program
  • $50 - Provides food and supplies for one cat for one month
  • $25 - Provides all-important toys and kitty grass to all the wonderful resident cats for a month
  • $15 - Provides flea treatments for one cat for one month
The Dancing Cat in San Jose CA

Getting to be a small part of the life-saving work for our local animals is so rewarding. Thanks again to ALL OF YOU who continue to support Brindle Market ♥️

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