About Brindle Market

Hey, I'm Cathy.

I founded Brindle Market in 2016 after years of volunteering in animal rescue.

I had spent time volunteering with various organizations, helping socialize dogs and cats, and then focusing on at-risk animals that required rescue.

I found myself dreaming of a business that could benefit this community. 

I became sick with chronic illness in 2019, and finally had to put Brindle Market on hiatus in 2022 due to serious health problems. As a matter of fact, my entire life was paused. During this difficult time, I faced grief and loneliness. I learned to incorporate gratitude and patience into my daily life. Or I should say, I'm learning. 

It has been very difficult to step away from regular time with animals; I have learned to take my compassion towards animals and turn it inwards towards myself. I've learned that supporting myself allows me to support others. If I'm healthy, I can better take care of others. 

And on this note, I hope to return to Brindle Market with a bit of a slower speed and refreshed spirit.