Hey, it's our 5 Year Anniversary!

Since 2016, Brindle Market has been creating comfy tees & goods to give back to the animal rescue community.

It has been such an honor to be a part of this amazing animal-lovin' community and we can't wait to see the future of animal rescue thanks to people like you, who not only support but give back to our animals in need. 

Here are six pictures and memories from 2016, our first year of business! 

Pic #1

Cathy at Brindle Market's First Event

Here I am at Brindle Market's first event. Ahh, so young. So much to learn. So much money to lose before those lessons were learned. 

Jokes aside, I had a wonderful time that weekend. I saw my passion project come to fruition. For our first event, we had one design available: Save a Life. Adopt.

That design has continued to be our bestselling design over the past five years! These days you can find it on our Cozy Unisex Thermal and Women's Dolman Tee

You'll notice in the lower right corner of that picture there are some dogs in an X-Pen -- we hosted some adoptables from Every Pet's Dream at our booth! 

Supporting animal rescue through donations and other creative means, like hosting them at our events, has been a goal from Day 1!

Pic #2

Making Friends at Brindle Market

This next pic is extra special: to think that I met my friends Kira and Viki at our second event, caught on camera?! I can't thank you both enough for being there (& modeling for Brindle Market!) for all these years. 

Oh yes, we definitely can't forget about little Mochi 🐕 either! Can you spy a dog in this pic? Tip: She is in the arms of Kira, standing at my table.

Pic #3


Cathy and Dawn at Brindle Market Events 2016


In full transparency, all events would have been impossible if it weren't for friends and family. I think this is true for MANY small businesses. Setting up, taking down take a huge amount of effort, not to mention running the event, itself! Here I am in 2016 with my friend Dawn, and her pup Gerry!

Wonderful story about Jerry: Jerry was rescued from the San Jose shelter. He was thought to be a fospice dog, meaning hospice + foster. But joke's on whoever labeled him as such -- Gerry has been enjoying the good life with Mama Dawn for 5+ years. Ain't animal rescue grand?

Pic #4


Brindle Market Spring 2016 Event
For this event, I was set up outside a pet supply store in San Jose; I had coordinated with a local rescue group and was donating part of the event's projects back to them. This continues to be one of my favorite models for events -- Just like at the first event, where I was side by side with animals! ❤️

Pic #5

Brindle Market at Bark in the Park

Here is my setup at Bark in the Park, held in San Jose CA, in 2016. I didn't know at this moment, before the event started, but Bark in the Park would become my favorite of Brindle Market's events. It is a great, fun-filled day of dogs and people. I really missed it this pear year in 2020, aka the Year of No Events. 

Pic #6

Brindle Market Team at Bark in the Park

The Brindle Market Team at Bark in the Park 2016: Alison (both THE MUSCLE and the best saleswoman), Me (Cathy, hey!), and Mama (the best there is!).  

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