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  • Self-Care Tips For Rescue Pet Parents

    Rescue pet parents and fosters are a special breed. It can be really hard dealing with the emotions that come with rescue. Click here for some important self-care tips for rescue pet parents.

  • The Ultimate Pet Parent Holiday Gift Guide

    Check out the ultimate pet parent holiday gift guide for Christmas and Chanukah gifts that are adorable and give back to animal rescue. Make your Christmas or Hanukkah shopping easy this year!
  • Pitbull Awareness Month: What You Need to Know About This Breed

    During Pitbull Awareness Month, here’s what you need to know about Pitbulls. Think you’re ready to adopt one? Learn more here!
  • What Is Kitten Season and How You Can Help Save Kittens

    What is kitten season? Wondering what this phenomenon is and how you can help save kittens? Here’s what you need to know and how you can save lives… today!
  • Top 10 Gotcha Day Gifts For Humans (& Their Pets Too!)

    If you know, you know. Walking into the shelter, your eyes meet, and you know right away that they're the ONE. From that first sloppy wet dog kiss ...
  • Summer Favorites!

    Let's round up some more of the Brindle Market family's Favorites -- Summer Edition! 🌞   🌞 For me (aka Cathy), I tend to like to stay a little m...
  • What is Dog or Cat Fostering?

    When you foster an animal, you provide temporary housing and care to an animal in need. Fostering saves lives. Here is an example of how an animal may come into foster care...

  • Spudnik has Launched!

    Newly launched... It's Spudnik! 🐕🚀 If you LOVE senior dogs and keeping it trendy, this one is for YOU!⁠⁠⁠⁠This tee is our tribute to senior dogs everywhere, featuring Tommy, aka "Spud" rescued from Every Pet's Dream. Check out his story!
  • Let's throw it wayyyyyy back!

    Let's throw it wayyyyyy back and talk about this CARE logo!⁠⁠ My first t-shirt design for an animal rescue came to life 8 YEARS before Brindle Market was established in 2016! Here's its story!
  • It must be ruff being so cute, eh?

     Just a little video featuring our family rescue dogs, Sadie and Hooper! They're happy and they know it...

  • Where does the Money Go?

    Do you every wonder, "where does the money go?" when I tell you we donate 10% of proceeds back to animal rescue? Here is a one example with some tangible benefits!
  • For the Cozy Cuddle Bug

    If there's one thing we've learned during the pandemic, it's that the value of a good snuggle is unmatched! Grab up some of our favorite goodies for sitting at home with your fur-kids (or taking a quick lap around the neighborhood).⁠