Rescue Story: Meeka

Meeka was rescued from the roof. Not on top of the roof. She was literally in the roof.

Back in June of 2013, my neighbors and I all started to hear meowing, but we couldn’t figure out where it was coming from. Meeka Portrait We all assumed one of our neighbors had gotten a kitten! Finally our landlord realized a cat must have gotten into the attic space when repairs were done on the roof two weeks earlier. One of the units had attic access; they opened it up, and out ran Kitty

But, I'm a dog person. 

As a dog owner, my instinct was to rush her to the emergency room. She needed to be examined! She needed fluids! She needed to be scanned for microchip! COME ON, FOLKS! My neighbors looked at me like I was nuts. “She’s a cat, Cathy. Put out some water, and she’ll be fine. She’ll go back where she came from.” 

That didn’t sit well with me. Kitty was so friendly... and skinny. I was worried about her and about any people that may be missing her. 

The next night, I was sitting out by the curb waiting for a friend to pick me up. Kitty came and sat with me. When my friend picked me up, Kitty tried to get in the car with me. She was so sweet, I could hardly stand it. I told her, “if you’re here when I get home, I’m taking you to get scanned.” 

I got home at 10pm, and she was there. 

I don’t know why I felt I must go right then, but I scooped her up and took her to a 24/7 vet by my house. It wasn’t an emergency— I know. I think I just felt guilty that I hadn’t done it already— that I had allowed others to talk me out of my instinctual animal care-taking. 

So there we were, at the vet, at 10pm.

“No microchip...”

“Severely malnourished....”

“Poor angel kitty....” 

“Must be kept indoors to recover... can you hold onto her until the shelter opens tomorrow...?”

“You did the right thing bringing her in!”

But, I'm a dog person. Cat Foster Parent.

As a dog owner with no cat experience, I didn’t know what to do. They gave me a litter tray and some food to get me to the next day, presumably because I was going to take her to the shelter. 

I took her home and put her in a bedroom separate from my pittie, Bella. The next morning, I went in to check on her. Kitty had groomed herself, eaten the kibble I left out for her, and drunk some water. She also purred, meowed, and flopped around on the floor asking for belly rubs. 

Meeka July 16 2013

So, maybe I would let her hang at the house for a bit, and just notify the shelter? I called the shelter to provide her description for anyone that might be looking for her. 

Meeka Found Cat Poster

In the meanwhile, Bella and I got to know Kitty, and quickly fell in love. I took her back to the vet for a real exam, as the first visit was just a microchip check. This time we got all her info, and I prepared myself for cat fostering. 

Bella and Meeka June 14

Keeping a safe distance... it's only Day 2, after all!

Cats are Weird

The more I got to know Kitty, the more I thought to myself, cats are… weird. I emailed my friend Erin, “Why does she scratch? Can she not scratch on my chairs and ottoman? Does she like the way it feels? She has a scratcher. She likes it, but maybe wants to keep her options?” 

Also “Litter box: disgusting. It smells. I didn't have enough litter in there and apparently when it "clumps" it cakes onto the bottom of the box? How much litter is supposed to be in there? Do you clean it everyday? Do you scoop into a poop bag? Where do you put the scooper when it isn't scooping? It's obviously dirty.”

Yeah. I had a lot to learn.

From Above to Below...

I couldn’t keep calling her Kitty; I named her Meeka. My friend Abby gave her the middle name Tortellina. She later became Meeka Fida Bruta Tortellina. 

Needless to say, no one ever came looking for her at the shelter, and I figured out the whole “cat” thing. I’ve even fostered multiple litters of kittens. 

Meeka went from in the roof to under it, and part of our little menagerie. 

Bella and Meeka

Sisters: Meeka and Bella


  • I love this story! Yeah, cats tend to rescue us and adopt us as they please, with little regard for whether 1) we have other pets, 2) we actually have any interest in cats, or 3) are deathly allergic to them. Once you’re their Chosen Human, that’s it. Hugs to Bella, for accepting this interloper!

  • @Teri – thank you for your comment! 💕 I’m sorry for your loss. I know what it is like to lose a pet companion… My house is plastered with pics of Bella, my beloved pittie who passed away a couple years ago. I talk and think about her so regularly, because she’s just part of me! All my babies are!!

    Cathy from Brindle Market
  • @Angie – HAHA yes! I saw your Cat Saga on your Instagram Stories! I think cats are attracted to those who are deathly allergic! 😻 Thank goodness I have no allergies. I’d be in BIG trouble if I had any…

    Cathy from Brindle Market
  • Oh this is such a sweet story about love and companionship. We lost our Maine Coon “kitty” this year at the age of 19 he’d been by my side literally the whole time. Thank you so much for sharing such a wonderful story.

    Teri Patterson
  • I had no idea the story of Miss Meeka! I would have done the same… if I wasn’t deathly allergic to cats. Have you seen my cat saga story? I wish I could pet them. haha

    Angie Chua

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