Summer Favorites!

Let's round up some more of the Brindle Market family's Favorites -- Summer Edition! 🌞
Brindle Market Favorites
🌞 For me (aka Cathy), I tend to like to stay a little more bundled up. That's why this blue raglan Superdog sweatshirt is a favorite of mine all year round, but especially for those cool-but-not-cold morning walkies with Sadie.

🌞 Did you know our Super Pit is a silhouette of my parent's dog, Hooper? Of course, any time we pay homage to sweet Hooper on all of our Super Pit gear, my dad loves it!
Super Pitbull Baseball Raglan by Brindle Market
🌞Mama Bee is a total animal-lover, so the Be Good, Do Good tee just sums up everything she's about! (Plus the retro design is just irresistible!)

🌞 Tucky is such a snuggler with all of the animals and humans he meets, so the Take Care of Others tee is the perfect fit for his sweet and snuggly personality!
Take Care of Others Tee by Brindle Market

🌞 Sadie's not a picky gal-- but seeing all the animals together on the new, bright & summery logo tee is a nice reminder that here at Brindle Market we 🧑all animals!

🌞 Last but not least, my sweet Meeka (my fluffy tortie cat) is all about the cat life, and she's pretty super-- so what more of a perfect fit than the SuperCat tee for her?!
Super Cat Women's Jersey Tee by Brindle Market
If you've shopped with us, what's your favorite item? If you haven't what have you been eyeballing lately?

(P.S. most of these items are 40% off in the warehouse sale-- go grab yours!!)

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