What is Dog or Cat Fostering?

Animal Fostering by Brindle Market


When you foster an animal, you provide temporary housing and care to an animal in need. Fostering saves lives.

Here is an example of how an animal may come into foster care:

STEP 1. An animal arrives at the animal care center (ACC, sometimes known as animal shelter)

STEP 2. After it is determined that the animal does not have an owner, the animal may be eligible for adoption and/or rescue

Dog Fostering Brindle Market
Megan, a volunteer from Every Pet's Dream Dog Rescue, and Remy, an adoptable dog in their rescue program. 

STEP 3. The ACC may have a Foster Program, and coordinate foster care if needed -OR- The animal may be “pulled” by a rescue group, who coordinates foster care.

Kitten Fostering Brindle Market
Cathy holding a neonatal kitten feeding from a bottle. Orphan kittens require near hourly care, including bottle feeding!

STEP 4. YOU foster an animal and provide loving care and shelter while the rescue group (or ACC) helps find an adoptive family. They also provide all the vet care and in most cases the food and essential supplies.

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