Managing Fluids for my Cat with Kidney Disease

My cat Meeka was diagnosed with feline kidney disease in June of 2019. As part of her treatment, she gets 150-200ml of Lactated Ringer's solution nightly. Here's a little video showing our routine. 
I give my cat fluids every night as a treatment for her kidney disease. Here's how I do it:
I attach the fluids bag to the line to the needle, and then I hang it from one of my Brindle Market event fixtures. Convenient, huh? 
I sit on the ground because that's easiest, and then I put her on my lap. 
I take the 'big ass need" and I stab my cat. Luckily for me, she's a really good girl about it.
That's because she knows she is going to get a treat after her fluids, every night! Yum, yum, yum! 

Although I open a new package in this video, I only have to do that about once a week! 

Have you done this for your pets? Have you done anything you never imaged in order to take care of them?

My journey with Meeka and my other pets has led me down many paths I never imagined, but it's all worth it! 


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